Our Design Thinking Video Collection

Our Design Thinking Video Collection

Our Design Thinking Video Collection



On the surface, Design Thinking looks like a simple concept.  Those who have taken part in workshops can, however, dig even deeper : that is the beauty of DT.  Here, we share with you our favourite videos on each topic.

Design Thinking Values & Mindsets

Design Thinking is more than just a process. It is a mindset, a collection of values. It is the intersection of the scientific process and empathy. We've compiled a playlist of videos that share the basic principles of Design Thinking beyond the method.


Design Thinking Success Stories

Design Thinking is used in many different fields to solve all kinds of problems. From education to business, from healthcare to governments, it has been applied by teams around the world to creatively solve complex problems. We have compiled a few examples here.


Design Thinking Stages

Several models exist to outline the stages in Design Thinking. The two most famous are the IDEO model and the Darden School. All the models have the same philosophy behind them: the scientific process of inquiring, exploring, setting up an experiment, prototyping and testing. In this section, we share with you videos that will give you more insights into each stage.





(Videos to come)




(Videos to come)

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