Design Thinking Interview Library

Design Thinking Interview Library

Design Thinking Interview Library

Although there are more and more online courses and youtube videos on the topic of Design Thinking, we found it difficult to find a comprehensive, in-depth resource.  Leveraging on the local expertise on Design Thinking, a group of us got together to create the first online library of Design Thinking bite-sized interviews.

The Discover Design Thinking interview series encompasses over 50 interviews and is a collaboration between Montreal experts covering the private, non-for-profit and education sectors.

As such, it hopes to give Design Thinking communities access to expert information, helping businesses and communities explore the framework.

Visitors will be able to:

  • Browse the online collection, filtering through topics of interests
  • Access Playlists answering key questions
  • View points of view per expert (coming soon)
  • Access the official Discover Design Thinking documentary, a 20 minutes production which can be projected and shared by communities under Attributions Share-Alike Creative Commons.  (coming soon)


  • Christophe Attelé, Consultant
  • Rachel Tardif, District 3
  • Charlie Gedeon, District 3
  • Monia Poncik, Mo&Co & Design Thinking Montreal
  • Nolwen Mahé, FutureWithPast &  Design Thinking Montreal
  • James Zdralek, SAP & Design Thinking Montreal
  • Corina Paraschiv, SAP & Design Thinking Montreal

Videography & Directing: Chris Cochrane

Script & Editing : Corina Paraschiv

Thank you to District 3 for providing a great space for this project.

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