Human-Centric Design Workshop

How might we improve health in everyday life?

Inspired by the Acumen+, OpenIDEO online course and the Design Kit, the facilitators team of Design Thinking Montreal will host a one-day event which will enable you to take part in every step of the design challenge, using Design Thinking.

This day-long workshop will focus on living an end-to-end solution-design cycle on the theme of physical and mental health. In small groups, you will be able to observe, reframe the question, ideate, prototype and reflect on implementation for your chosen challenge. A great way to meet bright minds, learn new tools and crack one of our society's toughest challenges!

You don’t need to bring anything but your big beautiful brain, a notepad and a pen.

  • When: Saturday, August 26th @ 9:15 AM
  • Online registrations now open


  • Design Thinking Montreal invite makers, inventors, learners and testers from every possible industry to work with community partners in unique, innovative programs that will connect people with what matters most to them.

  • Everything in our world is an expression of an idea; the clothing you are wearing, the chair you are sitting on, the phone you are holding.  It was all nothing more than idea in someone’s mind before it became something.  Imagine the potential of combined ideas of like-minded people.